What to Do on a First Date (Depending on Your Age)

First dates come in different shapes and sizes depending on where you’re at in life. With that in mind, here's a list of first date suggestions for people in different age brackets:

13-15 years old: “Watch” a Movie. Where else can a teenager with no driver’s license go for some alone time where it’s socially acceptable to make out?

16-18 years old: Mini Golf. When everyone is hooking up at parties or the backseat of cars, any sober event that doesn’t take place in the backseat of a Toyota Camry is romantic as heck.

19-22 years old: Dinner Date. The fact that dating in college is fairly nonexistent combined with not everyone being of legal drinking age really leaves dinner as the only good option.

23-27 years old: “Grab Drinks.” It’s a casual commitment that could turn into something more serious--or it could end after two drinks when you realize they’re still “friends" with all their exes.

28-38 years old: Hiking or Concerts. Going on a hike says, “I’m still in good shape, and I do things other than just get drunk.”

39-50 years old: Anything Expensive. The only part of your dating profile that isn’t on the decline is your financial status.

51-69 years old: “Grab Drinks.” Open up that bottle of ’99 Cab and let alcohol do the heavy lifting.

70+ years old: “Watch” a Movie. At your age, there’s no time to waste on games.

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