How Much is Too Much to Pay for Parking?

Do you pay for parking at your apartment or workplace?  Do you ever just think it's way toooooooooooo much?  There are some places that will even sell parking spaces like they're houses!  Could you imagine taking a mortgage out to park your car?

Well get a load of this story: a parking space in Brooklyn, New York is on the market for $300,000 US ($403,000 Canadian!)  It's located in a parking garage where the last spot sold pulled in $280,000!  And if that's hard to believe, it has to be pointed out that across the Brooklyn Bridge to Manhatten, some spaces sell for $1 million or MORE!

(photo courtesy of CBS Channel 2 News)

If you bought this parking spot, could you paint it and make it your own?  Hang some cute plants and patio lanterns?  Jeesh!

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