6 Scandalous Things Bridesmaids Have Done at Weddings

Whatever crazy shenanigans you got up to at a wedding has nothing on these six wedding-day confessions that real-life bridesmaids revealed!

1. I ordered my own food. She had a lot of wine, champagne and tiny little appetizers, but every time I tried to get one, they were gone. People were eating them faster than the venue could serve them. I honestly didn’t want to wait another two hours for the main course to be served, so I ordered a large pizza. When it showed up, I got a few bridesmaids, groomsmen and even the groom to sit in the bathroom and eat it with me. The bride had no idea.

2. I kissed the groom. I was blackout drunk at my best friend’s wedding, and I guess I went up to the groom to tell him how happy I was that my best friend met an awesome guy. Somewhere in between me trying to say that, I kissed him. Apparently we made out, because the next day he texted me asking me to keep this a secret from everyone, and I did.

3. I had my Tinder date show up. Last year, I was the maid of honor for my college friend’s wedding, and she refused to let me bring a plus-one. She said it was because I had questionable taste in guys, and she didn’t want me bringing a random. I was really mad about this, so I ended up telling a guy I met on Tinder the week before to meet me at the wedding. He showed up at cocktail hour and stayed the whole night. I know the bride found out, but she didn’t start anything with me that night. The next morning, all hell broke loose, and we haven’t spoken since her wedding.

4. I left for half the night. The wedding was so boring. It was my childhood friend’s wedding, so I didn’t know anyone, and the bridesmaids sucked. After the ceremony, I realized I was going to awkwardly be hanging out by myself, so I snuck out and drove 30 minutes away to hang out with friends at a bar. I stayed with them for, like, two hours and then drove back to the wedding, stayed there for 30 minutes, pretended like I was there the whole time and left. I don’t think the bride and groom ever found out because, to this day, they haven’t said anything, and somehow, I ended up in all the good pics from the night.

5. I hooked up with the bartender. I was looking for some attention and ended up hitting it off with the bartender at my friend’s wedding. At, like, 11 pm, we hooked up in the bathroom. I was in my bridesmaid dress. Nobody saw this go down. It’s still my secret.

6. I stole the ring. I wanted to piss off an ex-boyfriend, so I secretly stole the bride’s wedding ring, did a whole photoshoot with it and sent the photo to my ex, saying that I was engaged. The bride didn’t know I took the ring and was hysterically crying while trying to find it. I didn’t admit I took it and snuck it back into the box without her looking. I finally told her I found the ring under the bed.


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