A New Monument For Halifax Honours Women

A unique monument that pays tribute to women – a first for Halifax – has been unveiled during a ceremony at city hall, Thursday, March 9th.

(photo credit: Darren Calabrese/The Canadian Press)

The bronze sculpture is called “A Woman on the Waterfront” and honours women volunteers during the Second World War. The design will feature realistic depictions of three women from three generations (one will be African Nova Scotian.) The plan is to place the monument on the waterfront in a busy spot...looks like across the Port of Halifax building is the top choice.

The project is being led by the Halifax Women's History Society and will be installed this November.

Did you notice that of the 280 statues in our city, fewer than a dozen show women; mostly all of them are mythical figures such as fairies and nymphs. The city needs this monumnet in more ways than one!

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