Halifax Explosion Anniversary Time Capsule

For the 100th anniversary of the Halifax Explosion, we're getting a new time capsule to replace one that's about to be open from 1985. The contents are pretty much all selected but the Halifax Explosion Committee is open to suggestions when they host a public meeting Thursday, March 23 at the NSCC Leeds Campus.

(photo credit: CBC)

So far the list includes:

  • A program from the 100th anniversary event program.
  • A coin.
  • A stamp.
  • A poem by Nova Scotia-born poet George Elliott Clarke.
  • Official letters from the mayor, the premier, the prime minister and the Queen.
  • A bibliography of Halifax Explosion publications.
  • A catalogue of contemporary works of art specific to the explosion.
  • A map of areas damaged by the explosion.
  • Explosion artifacts.
  • A local restaurant menu.
  • A grocery receipt from 2017, along with copies of 1985 and 1917 receipts.

We'll see the capsule again in 20-67.

What do you think should be included in the new time capsule?


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