21 Signs Your Youth Is Gone Forever

Who’s that knocking at the door? Oh, no one… just OLD AGE. Got anything to add to this list?

1. When you prefer to spend your Friday nights at home, watching Netflix, instead of going out with your friends.

2. When those same friends talk about how they “partied ‘til dawn” and you shudder at the thought of missing out on all those valuable hours of sleep.

3. When you seriously start to worry about your savings account.

4. When all your friends from high school are getting married.

5. Or when your Facebook feed starts to fill up with photos of babies instead of drunken weekend parties.

6. When you begin to willingly pay more for alcoholic beverages.

7. When you don’t know 70% of the new artists on the radio.

8. When you start to buy creams to take care of your face.

9. You start to wonder whether the skirt you’re wearing is too short.

10. You start to consider dressing more “seriously.”

11. When you start eating broccoli and other “healthy” foods voluntarily.

12. When you just can’t be bothered to wait for a table at that new restaurant or to get into that popular bar.

13. When you realize the importance of having life insurance.

14. When you stop sharing details about your personal life on social media.

15. When your closet is divided into “work clothes” and “weekend clothes.”

16. When you need to get a solid eight to nine hours of sleep per night in order to be a functional human being.

17. When the hangover lasts more than one day.

18. When you take more care to avoid getting a cold.

19. When you think twice before buying something.

20. When you feel like you have a lot in common with somebody’s parents.

21. And finally, when you realize that you’ve definitely grown, but that you still have a LOT of things left to experience in this crazy thing we call life!

Gotta leave it on a positive note for ya!

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