Could Beyonce Be Dropping Hints?

Could Beyonce be hinting at the sex of her twins?  Beyonce fans know she is the Queen of Dropping Hints on her Instagram.  She hinted at the title of her latest release “Lemonade” with many pictures posted featuring lemons; she even posted plenty of pics of her holding up her hands in what appeared to be the peace symbol but may have actually been a hint at being pregnant with twins!

Now fans are interpreting a new photo and it's all about the earrings.  Yah – these fans know Bey very well!  They know what to look for!  You may recognize these earrings...
(photo credit Buzzfeed)
A fan pointed out that the are the same earrings she wore in the 2008 “If I Were a Boy” video!  Could this be another hint?  Could she be having twin boys!?
(photo credit Buzzfeed)

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