10 Things You'll Only Understand if You've Ever Sexted

Are you incapable of seeing the eggplant and peach emojis as innocent food items? Then you're obviously among the millions of people who've engaged in sexting. Here are 10 situations that you're bound to understand if you're exchanged racy messages with someone:

1. You know that behind every good nude there are 597 failed attempts.

2.  You have received help from an entire writing team (your friends) in order to craft the perfect messages. 

3. You’ve been told things that were so obscure that you had to look them up to know what they were. 

4. You know that the most traumatic experience a human being can go through is to accidentally mark a nude as “read.” 

5. You've received a nude without warning while you were in the office and opened it on your work computer. 

6. You pretend to be in sexy mode, but actually you’re mopping the floor, washing the dishes, or maybe even scrubbing the toilet. 

7. When they ask you what you’re wearing, you describe your sexiest outfit when you're actually dressed like a slob.

8. You say dirty, bold, and even flat-out ridiculous stuff, but you wouldn’t dare reproduce them in person. 

9. You don’t show your face in any of the pictures. 

10. Your ultimate worst nightmare is lending your cellphone to someone and getting a hot message just at that moment. 


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