13 Things That DO NOT Make You Look Desperate!

In today’s dating climate, it’s very easy to think that you’re being desperate. With that in mind, here's a list of 13 things most people do that aren’t actually desperate (in fact, they’re totally acceptable). Here they are:

1. Trying too hard. You should always be yourself. But it’s OK to take a little longer than usual to do your makeup and hair before you see him. 
2. Wanting a boyfriend. You’re not a robot. It’s OK to admit you want attention and affection . 
3. Texting too much. If you want to talk to someone, talk to them!
4. Making the first move. You can text him and kiss him first. It’s brave--and super sexy. 
5. Having sex on the first date. Sex shouldn’t be scheduled; it should be spontaneous. 
6. Wearing skimpy clothing. Your body, your choice. 
7. Seeing your friends less. You shouldn’t ditch your friends every night for a boy. But if you have to rearrange your schedule to go see him, go for it.  
8. Asking about his status. Is he dating the girl in his profile picture or is it his sister? You need to know these things. 
9. Complimenting him. Just don’t say anything creepy. 
10. Stalking his Facebook. Everyone does this; just don’t go overboard. 
11. Joining Tinder. If they’re aren’t any decent guys in real life, then you might as well use a dating app for a more thorough search. 
12. Posting too often on social media. Maybe it means you're confident. 
13. Talking about the future. You don’t want to get stuck with someone that only looking for some fun when you’re looking for more. 

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