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Mix Morning Musings
So what do you do at this Halifax traffic light exactly?  Help me figure it out by checking out what I mean here ~Natalie 
Interested in fostering a puppy that will one day go on to do bigger and better things? Find out how here.
Ever been "ghosted" - find out what it is (if you don't already know) here and how you can avoid it with this app!
The trailer for the "It" remake is out!  Prepare to be freaked out by clowns all over again. Check it out here 
Which one of Leonardo DiCaprio's exes is expecting baby #2?  Find out here
Got a first date planned for this weekend?  Here's a list of 10 things you should never talk about on a first date to get you prepared! 
What should you do on a first date?  Well we've got a list of ideas of what you should do based on your age!
Who are Scarlett Johansson's celebrity crushes?  Her answer may surprise you...See who the two men are and what they have in-common here
New emojis are coming your way this summer!  Check them out here
Here's a list of 10 mistakes you can make in your 20's - but not at any other age?  Agree or disagree?
Wearing leggings? You may not be able to board a plane. Find out what happened on a recent flight that got twitter users heated-up. 
Emma Thompson revealed recently that she was asked out by someone that makes us scratch our heads on a daily basis.  Who was it? Find out here
Case of foot-in-mouth or insensitive tweet?  Kristi Yamaguchi's tweet to Nancy Kerrigan is getting a lot of attention! 
Evidence of a break-up?  J.Lo makes a big change after news that she and Drake are over.  Check out her major change here.
You may not have heard about it before but women can be put in the Friend Zone just the same as men!  Here are 5 reasons why it happens to chicks too.
Robert Downey Jr.'s next role has been announced! It's a reboot of a classic and another potential franchise for him!  
Six things you do when you're too comfortable in a relationship.  Natalie is literally guilty of doing all six in front of her SO.  Eep. 
Check out these 12 things women do in commercials that really, honestly, for reals make no sense in real life. 
Some people can be so judgmental about the dating process and your dating preferences!  Here is a list of 13 things that do NOT make you look desperate when it comes to dating in 2017. 
Want to help save the bees?  They have made the endangered list for the first time ever.  Cheerios can help!  Find out how here
Halifax Water wants you to "bacon responsibly!"  How?  What?  We share that info with you here
Don't worry this blog is safe for work!  Here's a list of 10 things you would only get if you have ever sexted. It's still cool to read even if you have never sexted.
A Vancouver bar had to issue an apology over a picture they posted on social media that had the world bubbling in anger!  Check out the photo here!
It's here!  it's here!  The Love Actually sequel teaser trailer is here!  And Mark is back with his cards of declaration...but for who?
Is Beyonce hinting at the gender of her twins?  Her fans are trying to decipher her Instagram for clues.  We may have the answer... 
10 relationship questions that will make you think.  What would be your breaking-point?  Check out our list of things that make you go "hmmm." 
21 signs your youth is gone forever.  This list will have you saying "This is SO my life right now!"
To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Halifax Explosion, a new time capsule is being put together.  Check out what's going to be in it and how you can add your own suggestions!
A guy replaced his sister's goldfish with something you wouldn't expect...did she notice?  Check it out here
A new monument honouring women volunteers during the Second World War is going up in Halifax. Click here to see what it's going to look like and when you can see in-person! 
Looking more and more like a sure-thing: McDonald's wants to deliver food straight to your Canadian door!  We just want them to bring back their pizza! 
With the wedding season fast-approaching, here is a list of 6 scandalous things bridesmaids confessed to doing at their friend's wedding!  Sure to make any bride-to-be nervous!
Nike is breaking down major barriers with their latest athletic gear! 
This Nintendo console is not what you think...
How much is too much to pay for parking?  How about a mortgage-worth to pay? You won't believe how much this Brooklyn spot is going for! 
Ikea makes a big announcement about their furniture!  See it in action here
15 Signs You're Turning Into Your Mother!  Click here to see the list and whisper 'yikes' to yourself.
Is this helicopter hovering?  Camera trickery creates an optical illusion that will really mess with your mind and make your brain hurt a little.
Will & Grace is back, baby!  See what the cast looks like now!
A hockey brawl in St John, NB is making the rounds on the internet...Check it out here.
It's finally here! Check out the video for the new version of "Beauty & The Beast" performed by Ariana Grande and John Legend!
New photos from the set of the Love Actually reunion have been released
Katy Perry got herself some post-breakup hair!  See what she looks like now!
You'll never guess what was caught during this routine ultrasound!
Is a breakup a good excuse for late homework?  Check out how this student handled the situation!
Got $62 Million to spend?  Have we got the house for you!  Can you say Neverland Ranch?! 
The Canadian Mint is releasing a commemorative $3 coin for our 150th. Click here to learn more about it and what do you think it should be called?





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